Park Heights Creative Preschool Co-operative is one of the longest running co-operative, not-for-profit preschools in Saskatoon. Founded at the start of the 1975/76 school year our preschool is over 40 years old. We have been located in École River Heights and have had the same teacher for over 15 years.


Our play-oriented, theme-based program focuses on the whole child, providing opportunities for the development of social, verbal, intellectual, emotional and fine and gross motor skills. Monthly themes have included: dinosaurs, occupations, space, and children of the world. Families are welcome into the classroom to share their occupations and cultures.

Co-operative Member Duties

The co-operative requires that parents help assist the teacher on a regular, rotating basis. Schedules will be prepared by the session leaders and posted on the bulletin board in the hallway. On parent helper days, you and your child arrive 15 minutes early to help prepare the classroom. Your child should bring an item or toy for "Show & Tell". You may not bring siblings or other children on these days. You will be asked to help clean the room after class has finished.

At least once throughout the year parents are required to clean furniture and toys in the classroom. This commitment is about one hour. Each month, one session is required to bring play dough on a weekly basis. Each month, one session is responsible for extra classroom cleaning duties and laundry.

A few times a year families are welcome to attend classroom celebrations with songs, crafts and food. These events are open to parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. Parents are expected to contribute one snack item to share.


Fundraising is an important component of the co-operative. These funds are used for operating expenses and extraordinary events. Past fundraising events include: Mom's Pantry, Veseys Bulbs & Seeds, Bake Sale, etc. Some participation is expected.

Scholastic Orders

Each month, Scholastic flyers are available through the preschool. Book orders placed through the preschool earn rewards for the classroom, such as new books and supplies. If you're looking for some ideas, here are a few favourite book picks...